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Henderson & Koplik LLP has adopted this Privacy Policy applicable to our website,

At the present time, Henderson & Koplik LLP does not intentionally collect personal identifying information through our web site except for information that you send to us in an email message and/or otherwise. Any email message you send to Henderson & Koplik LLP, including, but not limited to, your resume, we may retain the content of the email (including any attachments to any email you send to us), your email address and our response. Henderson & Koplik LLP does not sell, rent or exchange any personal identifying information to or with unrelated third parties. However, Henderson & Koplik LLP may share such information with related third parties or unrelated third parties in connection with or maintenance and operation of the Henderson & Koplik LLP web site, as may be legally required or at the sole discretion of Henderson & Koplik LLP. Even though, Henderson  & Koplik uses security that it believes to be appropriate to protect the personal identifying and/or any other information received through its web site, Henderson & Koplik LLP does not guarantee that its security precautions will protect against any loss, misuse or alteration of any such information.

We reserve the right to modify this Policy at any time without prior notice. Your continuing to access any of our websites constitutes your acceptance of any modification to this Policy in effect at the time of your access. No modification or attempted modification of this Policy by you shall be binding on Henderson & Koplik LLP.

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